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Crazy Horse Singers Home Page

Welcome to Crazy Horse Singers Home Page.

The Crazy Horse Singers are a northern style singing group that was formed in the 1960's on the Pine Ridge Agency. The drum carries the name of the famous Lakota Warrior "Tasunke Witko" (Crazy Horse). Throughout the years they have been asked by numerous pow-wow committee's to be a host or invited drum throughout the United Stated and Canada.

Along with being asked to do these honor's, the Crazy Horse Singers are also one of the few Lakota Singing group's to help preserve many of the old time Lakota songs. Through the help of original Crazy Horse Singers Leroy Looks Twice and Chris Eagle Hawk this was all possible.

The Crazy Horse Singers are widely known for a old time song called "Hiway18", and are asked to sing this song many times at celebrations throughout indian country, sometimes three or four times at a gathering.

The Crazy Horse Singers also are know for their ability to make songs. This is shown on their recent recordings: "Live in the Hills", and "Oglala Style". Along with these two recordings the the Crazy Horse Singers Also have one previous: "1876".

They are currently working on a new recording Called: "Akicita Wokiksuye" (Remembering our Soldier). This will be the fourth recording for this talented singing group. The purpose of this recording is to honor all veteran's of all wars. Regarless of gender. We would also like to thank you for your sacrifice,

Be on the look out for our singing group on the pow-wow trail. Also come back and visit the web page and see what we are doing. Invite a friend and a relative to check out our page. We'll constantly change our photo's so you'll have something new to look at.


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